Valentine’s Day cookies

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I decided to try a new sugar cookie recipe, the last ones I made weren’t sweet enough for me. I also wanted to use my new cookie cutters that Annie sent me. Specifically the heart shaped cutter, my son loved them before he tasted them because of the shape!


The recipe I used is “The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies“. After reading reviews on the site I decided to add an extra cup of sugar and I think I doubled the Vanilla that I put in, maybe. (I always over estimate on the extract because I’m too lazy to find the little measuring spoons.) The frosting on the cookies is the same recipe I always use, powdered sugar, food coloring and milk, it’s yummy and easy. The recipe says it makes 5 dozen cookies, I got 11 dozen out of one batch. I don’t know if my cookie cutters are too small or what but I thought the cookies were a good size. These definitely are the best sugar cookies I’ve ever made. If you decide to make them add that extra cup of sugar, you won’t be disappointed.



Individual Cherry Cheesecakes

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I made these for my husband’s “Food Day” at work. They were a hit. They are easy to make! 

I buy Keebler’s mini already made pie crusts in the little tins.

3 bricks cream cheese softened

1c sugar

2TBS flour

1tsp vanilla

2 eggs

1 egg yolk

1/4c milk

1 can of cherry pie filling

Add a little cinnamon and or allspice or nutmeg.

Makes 12

Add cream cheese, sugar, flour and vanilla into mixer on medium speed until combined. Add whole eggs and yolk all at once. Beat on LOW speed just until combined. Stir in the milk. The most important thing I learned is to not mix too much, it’s okay if it’s a little lumpy. I then fill the tins, and place on a parchment lined baking sheet. 375 degrees for about 45 minutes, or until top is golden. I use a fork to double check for doneness, if it comes out clean, it’s done! Add your topping of choice after they cool. I usually use cherries and sliced almonds. Watch how fast they disappear…

Annie’s Stuffing

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I used to detest stuffing, until my Mother-in-law made some. It was my first Holiday with the family and I tried the stuffing just to be polite. Oh is it good! This is a slight variation of Mom’s. 

I usually make my own, but sometimes I buy the box. What really makes it, is the additions. It’s a lot of chopping, so sharpen your knives! That’s a picture of what I used in the last batch I made. I’ve also used raisins and walnuts. I hope this gave you some new ideas!

Christmas cookies for the win.

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I decided that I wanted to make some classic sugar cookies in the shape of Christmas trees so I browsed around for a simple recipe with decent reviews. I also looked for a good icing recipe. This is what I found.

DSCN1636Eloise’s Easy Sugar Cookies

This recipe is beyond easy and super convenient. I happen to have all of these ingredients on hand at all times. The cookies turned out soft and delicious. Not too sweet and no dull chalky texture. If you’re looking for a simple sugar cookie recipe this is the one to go with.

The Best (and easiest) Sugar Cookie Icing

This icing recipe is exactly what it says. The best and easiest. It is delicious and with only two ingredients I fell in love with it instantly. Highly recommended!