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Tomato Chicken with Rosemary.

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Easy tomater soup

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Campbell’s canned tomato soup with half can water and half can milk. I added some dried Basil because I don’t have any fresh. Decent meal for a worn out chick!


Marinated Pork Tenderloin

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So for a bonus of some sort Gus was given a lot of pork. A LOT of pork, like 40 pounds. We gave 30 pounds away and kept 10. I just now thawed out the massive hunk of tenderloin overnight last night and separated it this morning. I decided to bake up some yum yums and this is what I got.


I marinated the pork in soy sauce and brown sugar for two hours (I just poored some soy sauce into the foil tin and kind of rolled the pork in it and then rubbed brown sugar all over it), then browned the outsides of the pork, and then baked the pork for 40 minutes at 325 (every 10 minutes I drizzled some marinade over the pork).


I cooked up some mashed potatoes and put ’em on the side. The juices and the taters together were pretty good.


Chickeny Tacoy Croissanty Things

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So I was out of ideas for meals and decided chicken tacos sounded good but I didn’t want it on a soft shell. I looked in my fridge and found croissants. So I cooked the chicken, boiled it in the taco seasoning stuff, then rolled the chicken with some cheese in ¬†croissants and baked them for the time it said on the package (10 min or something I don’t remember). They were awesome.


Valentine’s Day cookies

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I decided to try a new sugar cookie recipe, the last ones I made weren’t sweet enough for me. I also wanted to use my new cookie cutters that Annie sent me. Specifically the heart shaped cutter, my son loved them before he tasted them because of the shape!


The recipe I used is “The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies“. After reading reviews on the site I decided to add an extra cup of sugar and I think I doubled the Vanilla that I put in, maybe. (I always over estimate on the extract because I’m too lazy to find the little measuring spoons.) The frosting on the cookies is the same recipe I always use, powdered sugar, food coloring and milk, it’s yummy and easy. The recipe says it makes 5 dozen cookies, I got 11 dozen out of one batch. I don’t know if my cookie cutters are too small or what but I thought the cookies were a good size. These definitely are the best sugar cookies I’ve ever made. If you decide to make them add that extra cup of sugar, you won’t be disappointed.


Tile Decoupage

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I had left over tiles from the bathroom renovation. Nobody needed them and I didn’t want to throw them away, so I started thinking…. I found an Italian travel guide book FULL of pictures at the resale shop.
I used old cooking magazines too. I just cut them up and did decoupage! I found some little plastic feet in one of my many craft drawers, so the tiles could also be trivets. I miss my workshop at my old house. I don’t have much room here to do all my projects. It’s really sad. LOL